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What extra cleaning measure has been taken in my room?

A thorough and comprehensive cleaning and sanitising programme is in place with hospital-grade sanitization chemicals for all guest bedrooms and bathrooms in preparation for your arrival with specific extra attention being given to all touchpoints such as tv remotes, door handles, light switches, taps, shower units, toilet flushers and aircon controls. All of our rooms and public areas are treated with a proven and effective antimicrobial product, with a proven track record against Covid-19.

Is the Restaurant open?

Yes, All tables are spaced out to accommodate physical distancing so it is advisable for hotel residents to either book a table in advance or upon check-in to the hotel. Walk-in availability in not guaranteed.

Is the Bar open?

The Bar will open with full bar service incorporating social distancing and with table service from the 19th July.

Small and Family Groups?

As of yet, we do not have government guidelines as to how many people from one travelling party can sit at any one table together. While we would expect a single household or family will be allowed to accommodate up to say 8 persons or so, we await the final recommendation by the government in this regard. In instances where a travelling group are too big for a single table, we will most certainly make every effort to sit singular larger parties in neighbouring seats. Free movement around the bar/restaurant or movement from table to table or the like will most likely be totally restricted under the new rules of social distancing. Regrettably, children sitting at a designated table will most certainly be expected to remain seated at that table and not roam freely around the hotel. We would ask all our patrons to bear with us in these very changing times and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the strict enforcement of these rules. They are of course necessary for the safety of all our guests and the wider community at large.

What Covid-19 measure has the Hotel taken?

We have increased all our cleaning, health and safety procedures at the Commons Inn Hotel.

Hourly touchpoints such as door handles, lift controls, counters, bannisters are all sanitized regularly by our dedicated public areas team.

Menus, Tables, Key Cards, credit card machines are all sanitized after use.

Cutlery, Crockery and Utensils are all professionally washed at a minimum of over 82 degrees centigrade.

Hand Sanitiser stations are in place at all entrances, outside lifts and various points throughout the hotel.


Our dining tables and chairs have been rearranged in the breakfast room in such a way to allow you to enjoy your breakfast with social distancing. In keeping with guidelines, breakfast is plated and served by our team while maintaining a safe distance.

Is there entertainment in the bar?

We plan on having entertainment in our bar on Saturday and Sunday nights. This will be in accordance with guidelines and in a safe manner for all.

Social Distancing

We have procedures in place in both our Restaurants and in all public areas to ensure social distancing is in place to ensure a safe experience for all our guests.

What training has the hotel staff received?

We have a Covid-19 team in place in our hotel and senior members of management have recently undertaken a QQI level 5 course in Infection, Prevention & Disease Control, all our team have undertaken comprehensive training in relation to safe work practices pertaining to Covid-19, ensuring their own safety at work and that of our guests and other visitors. We are committed to providing ongoing training to all our team members in response to any future changes.